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The ultimate “how to” guide to expert Digital Marketing from a seasoned digital marketing agency in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin

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The ultimate “how to” guide & cheat sheet to sky-rocketing growth! Street Inc, your digital marketing agency in Dubai, explains… The scale of digital marketing success and company growth has drastically changed; measures have moved from the conventional two-dimensional KPIs revolving around basic leads and sales conversions to countless behavioral indicators and trends in tens of thousands of data points forming complex funnels to enable businesses with deeper insights and highly effective targeting. It is no longer just about generic push marketing, it is now about zoning down on who, how, where, when and why! Think click-through rates, average time on page, bounce rate, keyword performance, visits per channel, repeat visits, cookies, CTAs, Opt-in, Opt-out, optimum targeting time; should we keep going?? This, my friends, is where, Street Inc., your expert digital marketing agency in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin can help. Keep reading to dive into Street Inc’s ‘how to guide’ and cheat sheet how to not only excel in the ‘neo’ digital world, but outpace competition and redefine industries at whole with the future of Digital Marketing.


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Street Inc. is the 'growth' online marketing agency in Zürich, Dubai and Berlin that fuses creative content, pioneering technology and performance marketing into a united symbiotic organism. Establishing disruption, agility, speed-to-market, accountability and streamlined production costs.
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Deliveroo | Deliveroo is an online food delivery company based in London, England. It operates in two hundred locations across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Kuwait.
City SightSeeing | City Sightseeing is an open-top, sightseeing tour bus operator. It provides tour bus services in more than 130 cities around the world. As City Sightseeing has grown and expanded, the company now also provides boat tours, sightseeing train tours, and guided walking tours.
Dunkin Donuts | Dunkin', also known as Dunkin' Donuts, is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company. It was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950.
Dubai Culture | The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority is a government authority in the United Arab Emirates, which works in preservation of the cultural heritage and support of cultural scene in Dubai.
Careem | Careem is a vehicle for hire company which is a subsidiary of American company Uber. It is based in Dubai, with operations in over 100 cities in 15 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The company was valued at over $2 billion as of 2018.
Illy | Illycaffè S.p.A. is an Italian coffee company specializing in espresso, headquartered in Trieste. Illy markets its coffee globally in silver and red pressurized, oxygen-free cans; operates a network ....
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Digital marketing is now essential for any business looking to grow and stand out amongst others. Truth be told, it is no piece of cake! Digital marketing strategies and tactics can be extremely complex and time consuming, so here is a 5-minute read to keep you in the know and save you so much time and trouble ahead.

“Change is the only constant”, especially in today’s world of digitization, digital marketing strategies are constantly developing with new more cost-effective trends continuously emerging. However, you need to be smart and cheeky to avoid doing what others do – otherwise you compete with the noise, for example with millions of people posting on Instagram. This of course makes it more lucrative and attainable for most businesses around the world; all the more reason to join the party, isn’t it? Staying in (and ahead of) the game is no longer an option. Remember, complacency is the mother of all evil!

Following is a cheat sheet of some of the latest major trend’s businesses need to follow to effectively drive their performance may it be traffic generation, user subscriptions, footfall or revenue generation.


You’ve got LEVERAGE! The real leverage in this day and age, is on the latest digital marketing trends to attain imminent yet long term sustainable organic growth. To name a few, video Ads, interactive technology for web engagement powered by data, experiential marketing, growth hacking, referral system for virality, and personalized marketing can ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Here is a quick run-through of the most essential ones:


Data is the core ingredient for modern digital marketing. Allowing you to understand your clients, what features they love, and which growth levers to double down on. Using data you can engineer a true ‘growth engine’, a product that grows itself. Data will need to be pulled from every customer touch point and department. To allow your marketing department to create scientific hypothesis, tests and decisions. This marketing mentality is called performance marketing – explain in the next section.

Street Inc’s favorite data technology stack suggested for any B2C or B2B brand, team, or digital marketing agency:


Performance Marketing

Flourishing your business in a short period of time with a limited budget goes hand-in-hand with delivering on your growth agenda; the sole focus of performance marketing is to rapidly experiment different tactics and test which works best for your business. Using a scientist approach to experiment at scale, fail fast, learn, and iterate. To really understand what your users love and doubling down on growth levers. Instead of creating one massive advertisement, performance marketing suggests to create hundreds of small advertisements and website optimizing tests. By that, you can try understand what works and what does not. For more about this, check out our article Online Marketing Agency

Experimental Marketing

As the word suggests, experimental marketing is to experiment advertising within new and unique platforms/channels that have not crossed the minds of your competitors! The aim behind it is to stand out, to connect with your target market where they live and breath (digitally) and drive exponential growth at a fraction of the cost. Have you ever considered advertising or marketing on Tinder, Zomato, WeTransfer, Dribbble, Google Maps? Check out Street Inc’s Viral Campaign Package to get launch such campaigns, immediately.

Referral System for Virality

Encourage your customers to advocate for your business. It is one of the most effective strategies. Firstly, a recommendation from a friend is highly regarded. Additionally, you offset your sales team to sales pitch. Essentially, referral systems can provide incredible amount of growth by your friends inviting friends who invite friends. In turn, reducing the CPA per referral.
A great example is Dropbox’s referral program of free 500 MB storage space / referred friend (PS: they went from 100,00 to 4,000,000 users in only 15 months!). Or earn a whopping USD 1,500 for helping your friends / partners grow their business by simply referring them to Street Inc.! (REFER & EARN $1,500)

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is one of the most hushed about topic in marketing. Simply, because growth hacking plays within a legal ‘grey zone’. Growth hacks are technological systems that are build with your marketing and engineering department, to infiltrate other platforms and redirect traffic from their platform to yours. Paypal is a great examples! They created a button that users could install on their eBay product page and allow any eBay users to directly pay for the product. Brilliant – this growth hack generated millions of dollars and new clients without spending any marketing dollars.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing promotes customized relevant content delivered at the relevant timing, through the relevant channel with the help of data collection, analysis, insights, and automation. This increases conversion, loyalty and customer satisfaction. Not so surprising, 86% of customers confirmed that personalization positively affects their buying decision DRASTICALLY! It is not easy (well what is?!), fortunately there are tools and strategies that come to rescue such as retargeting Ads, emailers, WhatsApp chat bots, programmatic calls, web & mobile push notifications, in-chat messages, banners, etc. (the best tool is probably braze (SHHHH! Don’t tell!).) Street Inc has created a ‘Digital Personallization’ package for anyone who needs help creating personalized digital experiences at scale. Check it out, and contact our a team member of our digital marketing agency in Dubai, Zurich, and Berlin.


Have you ever wondered why startups are getting billions of dollars in funding? Today’s investment mentality is to support companies to ‘Blitzscale’. To achieve enormous growth in the least amount of time, to offset any competition, and monopolize entire industries.

If you are in a position where other companies are raising tremendous funds, or simply are doing an excellent job at marketing, you might want to turn around your marketing team to implement the above marketing tactics, or work with an experienced digital marketing agency in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin who are specialized to help companies grow.

Let us cut to the chase, here are 5 perks of hiring Street Inc. as your digital marketing agency in Dubai!

Proven track record for exponential growth

Like no other digital marketing agencies in Dubai, we are the ONLY agency who truly understands how to fuse content, marketing and technology together, to create viral sales funnels and build ‘growth engines’.


We create interactive technology that create virality coefficients for marketing campaigns. Power your campaigns or landing pages with AR face filters, digital games, and other engagement-technology for users to enjoy, invite and share to incentives virality.

Digital Advertising Agency - Viral Technologies.png


Our content is not only eye catchy and meaningful; it is data driven. We have proven tactics that improve video completion rates and conversion by x16. We have a full fledge content team to help you create SEO Articles, Viral Videos or Award-Winning photography.

Content - Audience Retention


We operate Street Inc. like a startup. Hence, we have launched our own products from ecommerce stores to mobile apps. We have proven marketing and operational tactics, for startups and large corporations that guarantee exponential growth. Our hands-on team identifies opportunities for less-competitive growth channels and use latest Silicon Valley marketing trends to drive virality – growth hacking, viral marketing, and referral systems.

Speed to market

We have existing technology, content, proven marketing strategies and a powerful diverse network to introduce and/or expand any product, brand and company quickly and globally. Checkout our existing plugins!

Out of the Box and Beyond the Box

Being a digital marketing agency that has worked with GIANTS such as Gucci, Emirates, Sony, OSN, Red Bull, and more across various industries, we acquired the expertise and the reputation of (angelic harps playing) bringing in a fresh perspective with cutting-edge creativity. The strategies we design are distinctive and tailor-made to boost your business and ensure it stands out. This all while keeping you ahead of the curve with top “happening” trends in the digital marketing industry. Remember, we are living in an everchanging fast-paced world of digitization. It is incredibly challenging to sustain an in-house marketing department that can keep up with this evolution.

Ready with qualified experts, tools and resources

A team of qualified experts with extensive experience and diverse range of skills along with the right tools will be working on your campaigns. Whatever size the marketing, technological or content undertaking may be, we have the ability to expand our 15-man team to ANY operational size, by leveraging our global partners and verified freelancers. Not to mention, as a seasoned digital marketing agency, our expertise, content studio (green screen room / audio recording room), time, networks, and other resources will all be poured (heart and soul – too cheesy?) into your business to your max benefit to enable the highest ROI.

Digital Advertising Agnecy Zurich Dubai berlin - Facilities - Street Inc.png

Hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai is a one-stop-shop of qualified experts who deliver growth in the most remarkably cost-effective techniques that lead to higher sales with lower cost per action. We can be an extension to your inhouse marketing department to widen their scope. Think of all the outcomes!!

Track performance and get measurable results

We lead various key performance indicators (KPI) tools that can help you track the performance of your marketing campaigns and activities. Additionally, through analytics and insights, a tangible measure of the outcome generated by our agency is provided and the positive impact of it on your business will be immediately evident.

Want to leverage the above to grow your business and learn more about how we can benefit you? Let’s discuss! (Book a free strategy meeting)

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