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Transform your business operations with the most advanced Agile Consultants in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin.

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With today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape and ever evolving consumer and employee habits, management styles and traditional operations are breaking.[Street Inc’s]( agile consultants in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin are here to help your organization implement neo-management, future-proof operational methodologies and KPI’s to adapt to changing market-dynamics, outperform competition and excel in the modern era. Keep reading to identify what Agile truly means, with tips & guides for any start-up or enterprise.


    What is ‘Agile’? Its history & benefits.
    Quick Starter Tips & Tricks to Become Agile
    Agile Services
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Street Inc. is the 'growth' online marketing agency in Zürich, Dubai and Berlin that fuses creative content, pioneering technology and performance marketing into a united symbiotic organism. Establishing disruption, agility, speed-to-market, accountability and streamlined production costs.
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Deliveroo | Deliveroo is an online food delivery company based in London, England. It operates in two hundred locations across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Kuwait.
City SightSeeing | City Sightseeing is an open-top, sightseeing tour bus operator. It provides tour bus services in more than 130 cities around the world. As City Sightseeing has grown and expanded, the company now also provides boat tours, sightseeing train tours, and guided walking tours.
Dunkin Donuts | Dunkin', also known as Dunkin' Donuts, is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company. It was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950.
Dubai Culture | The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority is a government authority in the United Arab Emirates, which works in preservation of the cultural heritage and support of cultural scene in Dubai.
Careem | Careem is a vehicle for hire company which is a subsidiary of American company Uber. It is based in Dubai, with operations in over 100 cities in 15 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The company was valued at over $2 billion as of 2018.
Illy | Illycaffè S.p.A. is an Italian coffee company specializing in espresso, headquartered in Trieste. Illy markets its coffee globally in silver and red pressurized, oxygen-free cans; operates a network ....
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Ever wondered how an Airbnb, Uber or GetYourGuide scaled their operations from 2 founders to 1000 employees in a couple of months? Better yet, without losing productivity and dedication to innovation? Allow Street Inc. to explain the most advanced operational methodology that currently exists – agile.

What is ‘Agile’? Its history & benefits.

What is agile methodology?

Agile is a the most effective operational methodology for the 21st century modern workforce. An approached created by [software developers](effective operational methodology) that empowers flexibility, speed, and real-time learning to create products, campaigns and processes that truly reflect consumer needs.

We, Street Inc. and our Agile Consultants in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin, believe it is an ideology. A company culture, a mentality, and an operational project management tool, to hyper test, learn and achieve marginal gains for exponential long-term success. It is not only applicable for software teams, it is a way of doing things from day-by-day operations to top-to-bottom planning, budgeting and goal setting.

Great agile companies create collaboration between teams and stakeholders, flexibility in R&D, continuous communication, and cross-functionality. This might sound like an unorganized company. No – it is an approach that makes the lowest and highest hierarchical employees feel part of the company, promotes a culture of communication, rewards innovation and disrupt.

Agile values include:

  1. Open interactions over standard processes
  2. Availability of information and data to all involved teams and stakeholders
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Embracing change with flexibility over following a present plan
  5. Transforming company culture and workflow

Why You Need To ‘Agile’:

What came before the agile methodology? The Waterfall methodology. Every stage or milestone of the value chain is mapped out in a progressional chronological order. Each stage is executed by specialized experts. Once that milestone is achieved, you proceed to the next one. Finally, after all steps are completed, the product is finally shipped to the end consumer.

Agile could be seen as the continuum of the outdated linear process from the ‘industrial revolution’. With today’s advancements of consumer data and speed to feedback, employees diversified skills, product and production complexity, a more circular, dynamic and collaborative approach is more suitable. Which involves every specialist throughout every stage of the product development lifecycle, allowing project timelines and milestones to continuously adapt according to employee and customer inputs, instead of management suggesting an execution rollout plan.

An agile consultant cannot dismiss the waterfall method completely, as both approaches can be useful at times depending on the nature of the project, here are a few differences between the Agile methodology and the Waterfall methodology

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Benefits of agile? Should businesses go agile?

Agile method evolved from being simply an approach to operating specific projects to being a framework for cutting-edge businesses that encourages them to become more flexible and adaptable to any change to stay on top of the game. Moreover, with the fast paced ever-evolving high-tech virtual world we live in, the agile approach is the best way to go to keep up and adapt to change swiftly! Also, since the agile approach encourages collaboration, people will tend to brainstorm together more which will result in more creative, out of the box ideas.

Tangible benefits are summarized below:

  1. Improved quality of deliverables
  2. Enhanced customer satisfaction
  3. Increased project control
  4. Reduced risks
  5. Focus on customers
  6. Stakeholder engagement
  7. Transparency
  8. Early and predictable delivery
  9. Predictable costs and schedule
  10. Flexibility and conducive to change
  11. Faster ROI
Quick Starter Tips & Tricks to Become Agile

Below are suggested frameworks to get your teams to become agile, in no time!

Agile KPI’s and Performance:

In today’s hyper dynamic and ever-fluctuating world, 90-day (quarterly) or 365-day (yearly) targets are becoming obsolete. Today, shorter goals must be implemented, that reflect the modern operational value chain. It doesn’t take 90 days to launch a marketing campaign anymore. Neither to roll out a new website feature. To not only hit more effective targets, but also enable higher accountability and faster momentum in productivity, we suggest implementing 6-week and 26-week milestones.

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Agile Team Meetings:

Instead of a manager creating the meeting agenda and minutes, we suggest implementing an approach that gets all members empowered. Before the meeting, send a google sheets or Microsoft 360 excel document to every member to write questions. Problems they are currently facing in their business. In the beginning of the meeting, each member should rate the collection of questions – symbolically visualizing the most important questions that need to be addressed, right away.
Using such a simple approach does not only involve each member, but truly identifies the most important fires that need to be extinguished.

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Agile Forecasting and Planning:

The same model above can be used for long term goal setting, product development, marketing roll out plans, etc. Share a sheet to your team to suggest the most important features to build, the most important campaigns to launch, or the opportunity to pursuit. The beauty of leveraging every members skills across the entire company allows companies to truly align themselves to real-world circumstances, dynamics, and pressures. And execute things that are relevant.

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Agile Project Management:

Scrumis the most effective project management methodology for any modern department. Your Development, R&B, Marketing, Purchasing, Operations and even HR departments and teams can use this model to launch initiatives more efficiently and faster, and improve their operations and products over time.

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Agile Marketing:

The process of brainstorming ideas, undergoing focus group analysis and, accordingly, creating marketing campaign is, still, the common marketing approach of advertising agencies and brands. Instead of marketing carving out idea and then launching campaigns, would it be better to react to exiting customer feedback and, correspondingly, launching opportunities? Our marketing agile consultants in Dubai, Zurich and Berlin suggest this approach is more actual, business-specific and customer-centric that drives higher ROI.
The most parallel marketing-agile framework to date is performance marketing. Performance marketing is a scientific approach to obsess about understanding user behavior and operations-data. You address underlaying problems and limitations and highly clear successes and opportunities. Accordingly, use a agile scrum process to quickly acting upon these insights and launch new campaigns, creatives, features, and promotions.

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Performance Marketing Template by Rob Sobers

Agile Services

As an agile consultant in Dubai, Zurich, and Berlin, we’re here to enable you to transform your entire business. Whether it be specific departments (development, R&D or marketing) or companywide. Below are some of our agile transformation services:
• Develop Innovative Products
• Digitally Transform your Business
• Create an Agile Workforce & Culture
• Agile Operational Training

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