Street Inc. is your turn key partner for viral 360 digital marketing. Assisting brands across their entire marketing funnel to grow like startups. By implementing futuristic marketing tactics, 'neo' technology and deep-data. To not only create short term boosts in awareness, instead, long-term organic exponential growth for sustainable company success.
Street Inc. offers comprehensive strategies and hands-on execution to create digital experiences that people love, while driving bottom-line profitability. Simply put, Street Inc. uses safe yet competitive tactics for linear growth (paid ads) combined with risky viral tactics for exponential organic growth (growth hacks, experimental ads, exploitative marketing). Street Inc.'s competitive advantage is fully understanding and integrating content, marketing and technology. To not only launch meaningful campaigns, but build tech products that drive organic growth.
Street Inc. sets up powerful CRM's, analytics dashboards, traffic generation campaigns (OOH, PPC, SEO, Experimental Ads. Exploitation Marketing, Growth Hacks), performance marketing (scientific data-driven decision making), and personalization & retargeting (nurture clients and conversion optimization). Moreover, Street Inc. takes it one step further, to out perform competition by build virality loops and referral systems in campaigns and products to create organic exponential growth. Check out our most compelling services, below:
Airbnb exploited Craiglist, Paypal growth hacked Ebay, Dropbox gave free storage space, Street Life manipulated Google Maps. What's your growth hack? Street Inc. competitive edge is providing experimental marketing. Growth hacking existing platforms to redirect existing traffic and using alternative paid channels for immediate growth (Reddit, WeTransfer, Tinder, TikTok and Local Platforms).
Today's consumers want personalized authentic experiences. Made possible with today's data & messaging tech-advancements (Push Notifications, Emails, SMS, Social Retargeting, Programmable Voice Calls, Chatbots). Street Inc. automates a cross-channel system to message users according to their location & behavior. Creating a truly personalized and meaningful experience, automatically, at scale.
Street Inc.'s secret sauce is building campaigns and products that are self-automated growth engines. Tactics for users to invite other users who invite others - creating an endless spiral of organic growth. Welcome to the future of marketing, 'personalized automated virality’, and grow like a startup.
Our Services.
Street Inc. is the 'growth' online marketing agency in Zürich, Dubai and Berlin that fuses creative content, pioneering technology and performance marketing into a united symbiotic organism. Establishing disruption, agility, speed-to-market, accountability and streamlined production costs.
Growth Hacking
Media Planning
Viral Marketing
Performance Marketing
Automated Retargeting
Personalization (Email, SMS, Push)
Exploitative Marketing
Experimental Ads
Programmable Voice Calls
Push Notifications
Web Push Notifications
Marketing Strategy
Social Media
Influencer Marketing
Mobile Marketing
User Journey Modeling
Data Enrichment
Data & Analytics
Whatsapp Chatbot
In-App Messaging
Referral Marketing
Our References.
Deliveroo | Deliveroo is an online food delivery company based in London, England. It operates in two hundred locations across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Kuwait.
City SightSeeing | City Sightseeing is an open-top, sightseeing tour bus operator. It provides tour bus services in more than 130 cities around the world. As City Sightseeing has grown and expanded, the company now also provides boat tours, sightseeing train tours, and guided walking tours.
Dunkin Donuts | Dunkin', also known as Dunkin' Donuts, is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company. It was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950.
Dubai Culture | The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority is a government authority in the United Arab Emirates, which works in preservation of the cultural heritage and support of cultural scene in Dubai.
Careem | Careem is a vehicle for hire company which is a subsidiary of American company Uber. It is based in Dubai, with operations in over 100 cities in 15 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The company was valued at over $2 billion as of 2018.
Illy | Illycaffè S.p.A. is an Italian coffee company specializing in espresso, headquartered in Trieste. Illy markets its coffee globally in silver and red pressurized, oxygen-free cans; operates a network ....
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